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Casco Bay is an integral part of Maine’s iconic coastline, offering an ecologically diverse geography for Mainers, tourists and a variety of significant wildlife to enjoy.

Coastal bluffs, sandy beaches, mudflats, saltmarshes, rocky cliffs, lakes, forests, rivers, islands, and urban landscapes are all recognizable features.


Protecting Casco Bay is both an important and time sensitive effort. In the past two decades, sea level rise increased 130 percent faster than the average rate in the last 100 years.

Studies from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and the US Army Corps of Engineers show that sea level could rise another 3.9 feet (intermediate scenario) to 8.8 (high scenario) feet by 2100.


Further, the Gulf of Maine is warming 99% faster than the world’s oceans, requiring significant climate mitigation and adaptation strategies to be needed now. 

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